Adding drives to a drive group in LSI MegaRAID WebBIOS

It’s unbelievable that LSI could make an interface so terrible that not only I couldn’t figure it out, but that an IBM X Series tech took 2 hours to figure out how to do this simple task.

We have a server with 2 RAID arrays on it - a small RAID 1 array for an OS partition, and a larger RAID5 array for data.  We needed to simply add 1 drive to the RAID5 array.

I added the disk and everything showed up fine - the drive was “Unconfigured Good”.  I could make it into a hot spare just fine.

What I (and the IBM tech) missed for a very long time is that you have to go into the disk group, go to properties, and then go to “Adv Opers”.  Then you’ll be able to add the disk into the group (and I’ll warn you, it takes a LONG time to redistribute the data on the disks).

This sounds obvious writing it now, but I can assure you when you’re at the machine and need to do it ASAP, there’s nothing obvious about it.

I hope this saves somebody else the 3 hours I wasted on this…